Where Can I Get A Good Sample Of A Descriptive Essay?

Why Looking at Sample Descriptive is Smart

Good news—descriptive essays are surprisingly easy to write! One of the best ones I’ve read described the author’s favorite memory of making egg ornaments with her mother. The essay was descriptive in two ways, then – a description of a memory and a description of the hobby itself. Descriptive essays are fun to write and looking at great sample essays showcasing art of description can be a great way to

Finding Sample Descriptive Essays

There are all kinds of ways to find sample essays in virtually any genre. Let me tell you of my three favorite ones—ones only some people have considered.

Secret Method Number One:

Few students utilize GoogleBooks to their full advantage. GoogleBooks has whole textbooks, academic journals, and articles on their site for free. And when it comes to English—the descriptive essay is the same in 1985 as it is now (and even before that). So, try searching GoogleBook’s search engine for “descriptive essay” or “sample descriptive essay,” and see what kind of hits you get. Another way to search is to search within freshmen college-level composition books, as the descriptive essay is one of the more assigned types of essays at this level, and in many textbooks, there is a sample student essay of every genre as a model.

Number Two: Ask Your Teacher

Teachers are a great resource for winning sample essays of all types. Why? Teachers always keep a copy of favorite essays of all genres to read aloud to their class if a student requests one. You can ask your teacher, even, to hand you a sample if you explain that you want it not to plagiarize or steal sentences, but to merely understand how such an essay flows or how the thesis is constructed.

Three: Google Award Winning Student Descriptive Essays

Often, teachers encourage students who have written an exceptionally good essay to enter it into a state or national contest. So, try searching Google with terms such as “award winning descriptive essays” or “state contest winners descriptive essays” or add the word “college” essays. This is a great tip for sample essays of any kind—and you know they’ve been written properly, as well.

Good luck in all you do!