Virtual Reality


Virtual reality is a technology that is being used today. Virtual reality began its roots in Science fiction in television shows such as Star Trek and in films such as The Matrix. Virtual reality is beginning to take over the gaming industry with new immersive technology allowing gamers to enjoy video games on a whole new level. Gaming is not the only industry that capitalises virtual reality as the sports industry has used virtual reality for years to produce a new animated sport known as virtual horse racing.


Virtual reality has been around in fiction for many years. Television and film work to place the protagonist in a world of imagination. Sometimes this can be a world where protagonists are aware they are in a virtual world. Films and television shows of this nature include:

Many films feature a world where the lines of reality and imagination blur as the protagonist is unaware of what is real and what is not. Such films where the lines of reality blur include:

Fiction concerning virtual reality claims that although virtual reality can provide escapism, there is also a warning that virtual reality can become too immersive.


Many technologies shown in fiction becomes something of a realty as technologies are being tested and invented all the while. Some technology that has been created out of fiction include:

Virtual reality has been around for many years providing people with entertainment. This has taken the forms of animated beings or worlds that people experience with virtual horse racing where the outcome is based on chance. Modern technology has been able to change the virtual reality experience so worlds take on a more real sensation. Recently a headset has been created by oculus that promises an experience as close to reality as possible as gamers are able to step into a virtual reality world. Since Oculus has announced their headsets, other developers have also come out with their own versions of a virtual reality headset.


Virtual reality was once the topic of fiction but now there is a way to experience stepping into an imagined world to enjoy the experience of virtual reality. While virtual reality has been around for many years, this is the first time that gamers have been able to experience the delight of virtual reality in their own homes.