What Features Should A Good Example Of A History Essay Thesis Have?

Looking for a good example of a history essay should not be a difficult task for students. Unfortunately, instructors do not often share favorite examples with their students, so students are left to search for them on their own. Many students have no idea what makes a good example of any type of paper, let alone one with a specific topic. Students should be aware of the features that make a paper a good example.

Vital Structural Features

The structure of the history essay thesis is one key feature. The paper should have paragraphs that are separated from each other with indents or spacing. A bad example would not have any paragraphs, or would have one gigantic paragraph. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that gives a preview of the topic and how it relates to the main idea of the project.

The first paragraph should be interesting with opening sentences that get your attention. In the middle, the introductory paragraph should share information about the essay itself and then it should smoothly move into the main idea, or controlling sentence.

The final paragraph should include a restatement of the introduction, including the thesis statement, the background information, and the introductory materials. It should cleanly wrap up the paper.

Features that Focus on Style and Substance

Once the structure is evaluated, the rest of the paper can be evaluated and analyzed. A good paper will include sentences with variety. This means that the sentences begin in different ways and are different lengths. If all the sentences begin with “the” or do not include any commas or semicolons, the sentences lack variety. A good sample paper will have sentences that make the paper interesting to read because they develop flow.

A good sample will also have interesting, task-appropriate word choice. If the paper is about history, it should include plenty of examples of the historical topic that support the main idea of the paper. Those examples should be properly cited and documented so the author of the paper is not accused of plagiarism. The examples should be thoroughly explained so the reader knows exactly why they are included and what their purpose serves.

Once students locate a good example with all of the necessary features, they can share it with their classmates so they can save time searching and get busy writing instead.