Block Style Compare and Contrast Essay Examples

When you write a compare and contrast essay, you have two options in terms of formatting. You can either break the subject down point by point or you can use a block style. While most students are familiar with the point by point style, the block style seems to be less common. Fortunately, you can easily look up examples to see how it is done.

What the Block Method Consists of

The block method has 4 separate paragraphs.

In the first paragraph, you open with a brief summary of some background information about your 2 topics and the purpose of your comparison. Do your best to grab the reader’s attention as you write this. Once the pertinent information is included, end with your thesis statement.

In the second and third paragraphs, you will compare and contrast your items. The second paragraph will be used to describe the numerous similarities between your two items while the third will explain all of the differences.

In the concluding paragraph, you are going to re-state your thesis, as well as the reason that the topic is important. Then, summarize some of your main points and end with a sentence that wraps everything up.

Where to Find Examples of a Block Style Compare and Contrast Essay

Your block style compare and contrast essay is actually rather easy to write, even without experience. If you find yourself stuck and need some examples, check out the above sources.