How To Find And Make Use Of An Argumentative Essay Example

An argumentative essay is a type of writing, where the writer has to defend something using logical explanations, self-experience and historical examples. It is kind of an argument that you state in your writing. That is why it is called argumentative. Now, to find an argumentative writing you could go through books and read the writing techniques.

The first thing you need to do is to know the subject you are writing about or I should say the subject you are defending. Do some research about the topic. When you are done with the research, know about the format of the writing. Start it with some facts, statistics, quotes and references. Try to gain attention of the readers. If you can’t find good enough examples in books, there are thousands of examples on the internet. Find them analyze their writing styles. You might also find the exact topic of your writing. Don’t copy it, but try to understand the pattern of the writing. Analyze it part by part.

The first part is always a “hook”. It is the introduction of the writing. It is called the hook because it hooks your readers.

After that comes the “thesis” part. In this part you basically try to explain the overview of your topic and also explain the path of your defending strategy. The examples will help you understand better that how to write these parts.

The next part that comes is the “background information”. This part of the writing is not always necessary. But in an argumentative writing it is good to add this part. The information you provide in this part plays an important role on displaying your defense in clearer way.

Then comes the “body paragraph”. The body paragraph explains about all the evidence that you provide on support of your thesis. You should provide every kind of rhetoric information that supports your thesis. And most important of all you should end your writing with a conclusive statement that gives an overall point to support your defense. When analyzing the examples you will notice that all the writings follow the above pattern. The main requirements of making a good thesis is,

This is how you find an example of an argumentative essay and use it wisely. You can find here more information and recommendations.