Where To Look For An Example Of An Essay Introduction

Essays are generally written with an eye to procuring a wide variety of information on the specific topic. They are considered to be an integral part of academic education and are written on several topics. This composition is written while accomplishing studies in schools and colleges.

There are a number of things that need to be taken care off while writing a composition. The introduction happens to be the most crucial part of an essay. In this part, we confer a brief description on the topic, why we have chosen the specified topic, what we are going to achieve at the end of the composition etc.

Here are few places where you can find examples of introduction while writing a composition:

Ask help from your fellow classmates

There may be a number of students in your class who have already conducted a research for writing a composition and have already written it. It may so happen that they may have sample papers for writing a composition. You can ask them for some sample papers where you can find introduction for writing composition.

Seek assistance from your school or college professor

If you are looking forward to writing an introduction in composition, you can seek the assistance of your professor in school or college. He generally has varied samples of paper and he may help you while writing the introduction part. He may also help you with the right points that you should be mentioning as you write the introduction part. He also confers you a prerequisite knowledge on the flow and structure of the introduction of the composition.

Ask your seniors

It goes without saying that your seniors must have encountered the same issues while writing. Thus, they may have sample papers where you can find how to write an introduction to the composition. Henceforth, it is recommended that you should be asking your seniors for sample papers from where you can have the right ideas for writing the introduction part of the composition.


It is known to all that internet happens to be the right resource where you can find the right knowledge about various topics. If you are planning to write an essay and looking for tips for writing the introduction part, you can refer to the internet. You will find various samples on the internet where you will be finding the right tips in order to write the introduction of the composition.