A Handful Of Relevant Essay Topics For Argumentative Writing

An argumentative essay allows you to defend your point of view as you consider the arguments of your opponent. You may start out gathering the evidence in support of your point of view as well as the opposing view and, afterwards, select the position that will be argued for. Yet it is best to have a good topic and to decide what point of view you will argue for, before writing this type of paper. Below are some suggestions with relevant topics and questions for your essay.

Are human rights an issue during the production of garments? Some consumers are concerned about the exploitation of workers involved in the production of garments. This topic is very controversial.

Should corporations have responsibility for the environment? You may look at the business companies that operate locally or consider the multinational corporations. If you choose this topics, you will find a lot of materials and interesting case studies.

Is online dating a good way to meet a spouse? Online dating is becoming a popular way to meet new people, but can it replace real-life dating? This topic affects teens and adults.

Are print books becoming outdated? Modern technology allows to listen to books and read them in electronic formats. Will print media be replaced by new media?

Does volunteering make one into a better person? This is a relevant topic and many people want to do contribute to the lives of the less fortunate people. Being a better person matters to many people, and volunteering is claimed to make people happy too.

Does getting an online degree provide quality education? Many people are choosing to study virtually. What kind of education can one receive when enrolling into an online program?

Should online newspapers allow social commenting? Some journalists are offended by the online comments on their articles. Is it fair to allow everyone to comment?

Can home-schooling relieve the pressure to get good grades? Home-schooling may have some good lessons for public education. Should children be pressured to do well?

Must employers raise the wages of underpaid workers? When there are unfavorable conditions in the economy, there is no guarantee that workers will be protected. Should employers be concerned with how much they pay?

Once you have a topic for your argumentative essay, you can be relieved of stress and prepare for writing your paper. There is no need to spend a lot of time on researching topics. These relevant topics will make it easy for you to start out.