11 Creative Ideas For A Captivating 500-Word Essay About Real Love

Your teacher may ask you to write a 500-word essay about real love. You may just analyze the definition of real love in your paper, but if you want to surprise your teacher, it’s advisable to come up with a unique topic. If it’s difficult for you to generate a good idea, you may select a topic from a list composed by experts in academic writing.

Topics for an Essay about Real Love

  1. The difference between real love and affection.
  2. The tragedy of Romeo and Juliet: is it an example of real love?
  3. Can marriage ruin a true love relationship?
  4. Christian views on real love.
  5. True love: a divine intervention or chemical reaction?
  6. Can a person force somebody to love them for real?
  7. The effect of real love on a person’s behavior.
  8. The role of true love in myths and fairytales.
  9. Is real love blind?
  10. The impact of literature on our views on real love.
  11. Is real love inherent only to humans or animals can also experience it?

How to Structure Your Essay about Real Love

After you’ve selected a narrow topic and learned all information that you need to compose a good paper, you should outline it. Make sure that your text consists of the following sections:

As you can see, writing a paper about real love isn’t a task that goes in a single direction. There are plenty of interesting topics that you can investigate. The main thing in picking a great topic for your paper is selecting an idea that you’d really like to dig into. If you brainstorm long enough, you’ll be able to find attention-grabbing elements even in a topic that didn’t seem interesting to you from the first glance.