Finding Great Essay Prompts For The Things They Carried

The prompt of an essay provides directions on what the students are to tackle. Selecting a prompt should consider several rules that make it easier to work on the paper. Here are some of them.


Your prompt should be specific on the issues to be handled. This means setting boundaries or limits on what to expect. Do not make it too wide that a writer cannot capture your demands in a single essay. On the contrary it should not be too specific that the writer lacks the materials to complete the paper.


Choose an area that is unique. This means original and one that has not been studied over and over. It offers friends materials and ideas to readers.


Keep away from mundane topics that have nothing new to offer to readers. Such topics are usually too battered to arouse curiosity in the reader. The essay lacks insight.


There are topics and scope for each grade. The prompt should fit a particular class. It will be easier for the students to handle. Furthermore, they will have been provided with the tools or insights they need to complete the paper.

Excellent prompts to consider.

  1. Despite this being a war literary piece, that author does not create any hero. What in your opinion is the reason for this decision?
  2. Women have a special place in war and in the narrative by O’Brien. What is their place and what role does love play in this story?
  3. There is a connection between the author and his experiences as a soldier that is reflected in the story. Why difference or similarities do the two characters display?
  4. Memory seems to have an effect on the real life of the author. What do you think is the significance of memory in this novel?
  5. The author uses third person narration in this novel. Why do you think this is significant in relation to the story?
  6. The ending of this novel is about the childhood experiences of the author. Why are these experiences significant?
  7. There is a story entitled ‘the man I killed’ in the novel. However, it is not clear whether the author actually killed anyone while in Vietnam. Why do you think this obscurity is important?
  8. What structure is adopted by the author and what is its significance?
  9. What is the place of shame in the novel The Things They Carried by O’Brien?
  10. What things are carried in the narrative and who carry them?