A List Of The Most Creative Essay Topics For The Death Of A Salesman

The Death of a Salesman is one of the most iconic plays written by Author Miller. You are likely to encounter it at any grade where literature is studied. When asked to write an essay on The Death Of A Salesman, there are numerous areas you can opt to cover. However, before you embark on writing, here are questions you need to answer.

Have You Read the Book?

Never begin writing on a literary piece without reading through it several times. This award winning play is only a few acts and will be complete in hours. Study the book carefully taking note of language used and stylistics that make it a captivating piece. Depending on the unit you are pursuing, identify a perspective, character, act, scene, etc on which you wish to focus. Reading gives you understanding of characters, themes, acts, etc and thus the ability to tackle any question on the play.

What Do Other People Say?

Other people have written on different elements of the book. It helps to know what other writers say about the book. This gives you an idea of areas to avoid because they have already been tackled and those to focus on. You will also identify writers who share your perspective and thoughts. This information helps to improve your arguments.

What New Ideas Are You Offering?

A good essay is one that intrigues the mind of a person who has read a lot more on the subject. To produce a captivating paper, you must have a new perspective. Keep away from topics that other people have written about. They are mundane and will not attract the attention of any reader.

Here are the most captivating essay topics on The Death of A Salesman to consider.

  1. Willy’s home can be regarded as a representation of his dreams. Explain.
  2. Willy seems to fear abandonment. How does this affect his life?
  3. How does The Death of a Salesman capture the fate of the American Dream?
  4. Willy appears to have an attitude towards women stockings. What do they symbolize in the play?
  5. The names used in the play have a unique significance. Discuss.
  6. Modernity is a dominant theme in the play The Death of a Salesman. Discuss.
  7. Gender roles have been given prominence by Author Miller in this play. What is the significance of this move?
  8. Seeds are prominent in final segment of Act II. What is their significance?
  9. What role does suicide play in The Death of a Salesman?
  10. How do the main characters in this play relate?